Say Hello to your Duffy Cruise Hosts

Duffy Cruise Hosts

Cindy Shaw, Sherrill Lander and Joel Lander


Given a map of the harbour and a list of clues, members set out to match boat names with the clues provided. Winners would receive fantastic prizes if their answers matched those provided by the demented person who created the list.


After several hours of futile searching for the answers to the clues, members and their guests retired to the clubhouse for libations, conversation and a few even got something to eat. The club wishes to apologize to those who were unable to enjoy an otherwise great meal and will take care to avoid a reoccurrence in the future.


It was a pleasure to welcome several new members to the club with the presentation of the club burgee.


Well, here they are - the top three boats and their crews who were able to make sense out of the cryptic clues. These guys are good and deserve all the accolades for a job well done.
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